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It's your time to be a well-dressed woman all year long, I will be delighted to assist you.

Before and After by Justyna Vop


 Feel beautiful​ & Confident

Why should you attend a VOP styling workshop?

This workshop is aimed at women that wish to carry themselves with confidence looking and feeling great in their own skin. How many times you look at your wardrobe and think;'' Have nothing to wear''? How many times did you feel down or uncomfortable in your own clothes?  How many times did you spend money and time to buy clothes you don't really wear? Still not sure if that’s something you might be interested in? Check workshop video below.


◊ Learn how to dress your body the best way possible, size does not matter! ◊ Learn how to dress with current fashion trends ◊ Save time and money avoiding designs and colors with dose not suite you. ◊ Awareness creates confidence; knowing what shapes and colors are right for you to improve your image, and that’s a milestone step for improving your confidence. ◊ You will be ready to shop with confidence, knowing what is right for you!. ◊ You will receive a perfect present for every organized woman; the color wallet with samples of shades with complement and highlight your beauty is complementary.  ◊ We guaranty lots of fun, relaxing and very productive time.

In this, hands-on style workshop, you will learn:

→ How to make the most of your figure → How to chose colors to enhance your beauty → Main style rules → How to accessorize and much more!

How dose it work?


Learn important basics of the dress code

This workshop is designed for you to learn your body shape, suitable colors and help you to find your style in a relaxed and fun environment.


Learn what works for you, Get confident about your body!

This workshop is aimed at women that wish to carry themselves with confidence looking and feeling great in their own skin.


find out current trends and timeless styling tricks

Stay on-trend but know how to create this classic, feminine​, timeless look. I will be delighted to share with you my knowledge about fashion and styling.


Save time and money

Planing is a key! knowing what to wear and​ what to NOT BUY will make your daily dressing easier.


try it on and have fun!

It is your STYLE MAKEOVER TIME! The practice is the best part of the workshop. I will contact you before the workshop to ask for your expectations and needs. Base on that I will have a pre-prepared outfit for you so you can try it on.


85 euro

Estimated time :

 4 hours

*There is a limited number of spaces to make sure you have enough time to practice and ask questions.

*Please note the styling advice and consultancy might be limited at times as this is a group styling session. If you feel more individual approach will be needed, please see a personal styling here or image transformation here.

*Please contact me directly to find out about the next date or check my facebook page  below.

The Best Styling Experience

I had a great pleasure to participate in the stylistic workshop Justyna​ Vop Styling. Thank you very much for that. Justyna is a wonderful person with amazing knowledge. Every woman should take part in such a workshop. I recommend 6+ for me.
Joanna Michulka
YOVA Designer