Styling membership




◊ Immediate advice on your daily styling questions/queries


◊ No time and money wasted.


◊ Access to a full-time stylist support


◊ One in a kind Luxury of having your own stylist


◊ have a unique style and feel confident and stylish all year long.


How does it work?


◊ Simply send a photo, chat with your styling question.


◊ We par you with an expert stylist


◊ We listen to you, research the best solution.


◊  Immediate advice




50 euro per month


Create an account to get up to 5 styling chats for free.



Get an online stylist and never ever strugle with dressing up !

Have you ever thought or dreamed of having your own stylist available for you every day when you need it? Here we are! Check our on-line stylist membership here



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