Your personal Stylist....

Personal style

Vop styling is BIG on personal style! Your personal day to day style says so much about you as a person.

Indoor & outdoor fashion styles

Where ever you are, at work, out, shopping – make your style about your personality! Everyone loves a great personality with lots of individuality.  Justyna will help you find your niche and develop a wardrobe to fit with your daily activities. 

Comfortable, fashionable and a little quirk!

If your personality is quirky, or serious, or fund Justyna will find the right outfits for you! Making you not only look great but feel confident and comfortable in your clothes.

Why should you use our service?

How many times have you bought something and never worn it?
How many times have you felt down or uncomfortable in your own clothes?
How about asking help from an expert and never struggle with dressing up dilemma?


Shopping with a VOP personal stylist is a MUST DO for every woman who wants to save time and money when dressing up and at the same time, achieve the best results possible.

Understand your Body Type

Learn how to dress your body the best way possible, size does not matter!

Find you Perfect Colours

Learn what colours to shop to enhance your beauty

Be Trendy

Learn how to dress with current fashion trends

Save time and Money

Save time and money avoiding designs and colours with dose not suite you.

Get professional advice

Get professional advice from a stylist certified in Cracow and London.

Do something for YOURSELF!

Allow yourself for some luxury.

How does it work? 

Pre-shopping consultation

An in-depth discussion about your current style, interests, looks you admire, lifestyle, and what you are hoping to achieve. Thanks to that, I will be able to complete pre-shopping research to ensure our shopping day is productive. Right stores, looks and trends will be tailored to your shopping budget and time availability. The pre-shopping consultation is complimentary.

Body type and Colour analyses.

There is no real styling without understanding your body type and colours with complement your complexion best. I will prepare a personalized COLOR WALLET for you​. No more struggles and money wasted on colours with dose not suite you.

One in a kind shopping experience

The next step is the personal shopping session in the shopping centre selected by you. I will have researched the shops before your appointment, and a range of clothes will be ready and waiting for you to try on. ​Throughout the shopping trip, I advise on with designs are best suited to you. During the shopping adventure, I will point out what styles and colours will work best for your lifestyle and personality. 


€50 per hour and a promise that it will be the best investment you will ever make. *The maximum cost you can pay for Personal stylist is 200 e as 5th and next hours are free. We charge per hour to be flexible for you. We understand that sometimes you just need a quick outfit update, here is where our per hour service is the best solution.

Before & After by Vop

ludmilla Azura

” I am so happy to spend my time with professional Justina and learn lots of new tricks. I might come back one day, as I loved the atmosphere! Thank you for a great time”.

Need more time?

Enjoys long shopping or need more help with your style?
In that case, we recommend checking the Image Transformation service.