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Learn actionable styling tips you cannot find by googling.☝🏻 Insider tips from a stylist featured in VOGUE Italia, collaborating with big brands during London, Miland and Paris Fashion week.

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?


Don’t know exactly how to dress for your body shape? Do you dread shopping for clothes?

Has your body shape changed recently and you are caught in a rut and not sure what to do?

Sometimes we need a little help with transitional period whether that might be a new job, a pregnancy, divorce or recovery from illness. Other may have lost their sense of style or simply don’t have time on figuring out what suites them.

Carrying yourself with confidence is a crucial aspect of confidence-building and this service will give you all the basic tips to develop your confidence and unique dressing style in a down to earth and supportive environment.

I can guaranty that you will be satisfied with our service, if not you will get your money back.

 First impression matter… let’s make sure that the message you give with your appearance is a real statement of a true you.

Learning Path

Be Your Colour Expert. Learn from an experienced stylist to choose clothes that suit your colouring perfectly


Learn how to Flatter your body shape, no more mistakes when shopping.


Learn actionable styling tips from an experienced stylist.


I will guide you & help you to successfully review your wardrobe. No more struggles with ‘i have nothing to wear’. I will help you to prepare your Capsule wardrobe. 

I will search current collections and prepare a ‘perfect’ outfit for you based on your complexion, body type and personality.



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1:1 with stylist



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