7 tips to Find your style!

7 Steps to find your style


A first question to ask before we start  this subject is:

What STYLE actually is? The best way to answer that is to explain a difference between style and trend. 

Style is your interpretation of ‘’looking good’’ and ‘’feeling good’’.

The trend is the way of dressing recommended by designers and mass media.

So with that distinction, you might wonder why is it so important to have your style?

Why would I not make that easy for me and just follow what designers say or what famous people are doing?

Let me tell you why…

Style is an ‘’image language’’ you create to speak to the word about who you are! …

Style represents your personality…

Style tells your story without you having to say a single word…

The style gives you instant confidence…

And last but not least… STYLE describes the real, unique you!

That’s what we all want… whether we admit it or not … we don’t want to be a copy, we want to be original. 

Create your unique cover for the book called: You!

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself ” Coco Chanel

1. Accept yourself…

Sound simple? I wish it was. According to research, only 5% of women across the Globe accept themselves for how they look, … rest:95% does not consider themselves perfect…

But what does it mean to be perfect? This is a very subjective term; do not give yourself a headache over that! Accept yourself for who you are! Because you are one in a kind. I know what you are going to say in response to that… But there are so many things I don’t like about my body… guess what? You are not the only one who thinks that way!… Most of us feel the same, but like it or not you MUST accept your body to move on with a better and more confident YOU!

YES, I agree there might be part of your body you do not like, but if this makes it a bit easier… most of us feel the same at some point, so my answer to that is: focus on your attitudes! There are lots of them!! This will give you confidence, and by highlighting what is “nice” about your body you and other people will not even notice the areas you less happy about. 

2. Find your inspiration

What inspires you? Some of us has been looking for the answer since childhood.

The little things define what really inspires you. Some of us love natural colours; others will say they are boring and that’s ok too.

I have a little exercise for you. Open google search and search for “style icons.”

Make sure that you are looking at the IMAGES menu. From the images you see, save the first image you like on your phone. Take a look at the first styling that meets your eyes.

Don’t concentrate on the model; just look at the styling she has and pick one.

After you do that, open that picture on the full screen and analyse it. Why did you decide to pick that one? What is so unique about it? Is it colour, fabric, design or maybe a model you like? Once you’ve done the first analysis, do the search again. This time pick 4 to 6 pictures. Make sure you don’t select more than 8 as the human eye can analyse best when there are 7 choices or less. If there is more than that, you will just confuse yourself and most likely not choose any style.

Once you have your pictures selected, do the analysis again. Why did you choose them > what do they have in common?

Next time you review your wardrobe or go shopping, remember what inspires you.


3.Know your attitudes 

If I ask you to list things you do not like about yourself most likely you will have a ready answer .However, if I invite you to list things you do like about yourself …. It will take you longer to answer. That is the common scenario I come across when doing personal styling. You might wonder why I would ask that question? Simply because this is the key for all styling preparation. There is no limit. To your style, the only limitation is you. How you define yourself and how you see yourself makes the most of it. The idea of having your own style is to make you feel comfortable in what you are wearing. You might have a perfect body for a pencil dress, but what if you hate wearing a pencil dress? I can make you put it on ;), but this will lose the whole sense of having one’s own style.

Style is simply:

Perfect fit + your personality type = You!

4.Knowing what you have in your wardrobe

We talked about some spiritual preparation; let’s talk about actions now!

Knowing what you have is essential to get what you want. Simple, isn’t it? That is why you have to review your wardrobe and get rid of things that do not suit or are out of fashion. It is not easy, I know! But is crucial for your success. It is like with everything in life, change is hard but is necessary if you want to achieve something. In that case, I am talking about improving your confidence, feeling better and happier in your skin, saving time and money… How does it sound?

Here are some tips from me on how to review your wardrobe effectively:

1.       Define your shape, know what you are working with 

2. Review your clothes by category, not by outfits ( ex. Skirts separate from t-shirt, not together) 

3. Try it on in front of the mirror 

4. Get rid of clothes with don’t fit you ( do not hide them, throw them away)

5. Review your wardrobe every season (do not keep winter jacket if it’s a middle of the summer)

6. Make a shopping list 

7. Be consistent


5. Plan it! Prepare the day before…( selfie would help  )

Every success comes with a good plan. The same applies to your daily routine. If there is any event, important meeting you want to look confident and amazing at, a bit of planning is essential. What do I mean by that?  The worst you can do is to throw on your first available dress from your wardrobe. What you should do instead is to plan the day before what to wear. No time for that?

 Not to worry! with a bit of technology usage, it will not take you longer than a few minutes.

Here is the plan:

Try on 2 up to 3 outfits and make a selfie.

Share the look proposal ( picture) with your friend, or someone whom opinion’s you trust. They will help you to make that choice. In the meantime make sure you have some tea and have some deserved rest.

Don’t like the idea of sharing it with others? Look at the picture after some time and decide. The picture gives you a better reflection than the mirror. Additionally, if that’s a family party or event with a camera you know straight away how will you present. Surprisingly some colours or outfits looks terrible on the picture even if they look amazing on you. Check it out too!


6.Have a statement look

Some people are afraid of having a statement look. They think that people might find that boring or predictable.

 In fact, having your own unique look makes other people trust you more because they know what to expect from you.

More than that, you practising with the same or similar set of clothes over and over makes you a perfectionist. The key is

to make sure that style you chose is the right one!


7.  Be trendy!( in your own way )

Being trendy is easy. Being stylish and trendy not so much. What we see at the shop display is what has been decided by the biggest designers and brands as ”trendy”.

 Have they considered different body shapes, personalities, lifestyles in all the trends they recommend? Not necessarily. That’s why if you fully follow existing trends you risk being a copy of someone you are not. It does not reflect the real you and because of that, it limits your confidence and the chance to look and feel good.

How to make trends to work for you? Make a judgement! you know best what colours, materials and looks you like. If animal print is a top trend and you hate it, would you buy it just for the sake of being trendy? NO. But you do want to be trendy right? Check what are the other trends, usually, there is a minimum of 5 so chose the one which reflects you and your personality.

Don’t want to spend too much money on the trend? Invest in accessories. I am not a big fan of leopard print but it was a must-have for 2018. I bought a little animal print bag. That way I could wear my style every day and add a bit of trend statement to my look. If I wear leopard trend from top to bottom I would be trendy, wearing just a bag added to my favourite look is being trendy- stylish.

I hope you enjoyed reading this guide. Thank you for your time. Please visit my Facebook page Justyna VOP styling and my website vopstyling.com for some more information about my service and subscribe to get some freestyle tips.

Warm regards,

Justyna VOP

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