Have you done your closet review yet?


You are finally ready! Congratulation for making that first step to a more organized, stylish and trendy closet. Here are a few best practices and tips. Enjoy!

By Justyna Vop

You will learn how to build and style a wardrobe that you love to wear and is a perfect representation of who you are.

In my experience, most women have a wardrobe full of clothes, yet claim they have nothing to wear! I am going to share with you tips to help you to change that. By creating a streamlined wardrobe, you give yourself a priceless award: feeling excellent no matter the occasion. 

Building your perfect wardrobe takes time, more importantly, make sure you are prepared for that ( a glass of wine or an excellent relaxing tea could help).

It seems like there is a lot of content on that topic; therefore I will try to keep it short and useful. I am delighted to share with you my advice on how to plan your closet effectively, so it represents your personality and supports a busy lifestyle. Would you like to see reviews I did with my clients? Check it out. 

You Do Not need this! Make some room in your wardrobe for better, less stressed  mornings. 

1. Clothes you do not use 

Instantly, get read of things you haven’t used for more than one year. There is a reason they don’t make you happy, don’t force it, let it go.

2. Bad quality

Quality is key! There are no excuses if something has visible damage or a deficient quality you do not need this. Your clothes represent you! The highest standards are in order. 

3. Too small/Too big 

Most of the women have the same dilemma, do not make the most common mistake of keeping things with are too small or too big. Doing so brings you down and demotivate you to make a change you always wanted.

Still not ready to throw them away? It’s ok, find an empty box an store them there. The most importantly get them of your way to clear the space for clothes you really need.

Planning is essensial in every aspect of your life, espeecialy your image!

1. Occasional clothes

Have a separate box for occasional garments. Yes, I do understand you still in love in the dress you both for your engagement party but how often do you really wear it? By packing it to a separate box, you not only make your wardrobe a favour but that dress will then you too. Keep it wrapped in a foil so it will keep its original colour for longer.

2. Seasonal clothes 

What is the point to keep a 10 summer dressed in your main wardrobe if Spring hasn’t started yet? Do an annual review. Keep in your daily wardrobe clothes which are suitable for the season.

Feels like it a bit to much to do? Is there anything I can help you with? Check a “closet review with stylist” process and price. 

Every wardrobe has a MUST have items, how about yours?

1. Capsule wardrobe- pick your top 10! 

A capsule wardrobe is key. Find your top 10 items and have them ready for action. Those are the things you love. FULL STOP! They represent you and your style, keep them.

Analise your body type and colours ( this is a bit more time consuming) More than happy to help with that, just IM for more details.

2. Review every item separately 

Review every single thing in your closet and categories it as keepers, ditchers, need fixing or charity.

4. Create a shopping list 

Set aside clothes and create a MUST HAVE list for the second step with is – shopping.

5. Make lots of pictures

Make a selfie! Lots of them! in order to see how you look in the outfit and to use them as a guide for everyday dressing( it save time).

Follow up, this is only a begining.. 

To keep your wardrobe current and appropriate for you and your life, an annual wardrobe review and shopping trip are advised. 

Be up to date with current trends and fashion. That will help you to work on your style as this is a never-ending journey. More you invest time ( not money)  it better you became. Here are some tips from me how to ” Find your Style”. 

Enjoy, have fun and let me know how was it!

Have a great day 

Justyna Vop 

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