The Most common mistake women make when dressing up

The most common mistake women make when dressing up.

By Justyna Vop

Here is the thing. We invest our time and money to find out what cut or hair colour suite us. It’s very trendy to pop into some makeup presentation or master class to learn how to do the perfect makeup, but what happened with learning how to dress up? That is THE most critical task of your day. Can you not leave your house without makeup or without fixing your hair? Sure you can… but you cannot say the same about dressing up. Love it or hate it you have to do it every day, so why make that struggle easier for ourselves and learn how to do it properly?!


Here I come with the solution. There are 3 things you need to consider. The good thing is that only 2 require some additional knowledge, the 3rd one you already know, we need to put it in the right order. 

  1.  How to dress your body shape
  2. How to enhance your beauty by using the right colours 
  3. Whats is your personality? Let’s find your perfect style. 

Sounds simple?. It is indeed! It’s just a matter of practice. Lets put first things first.

Body shape.

The body shape is about proportion.

IT IS ABOUT DRAWING ATTENTION TO AREAS YOU LIKE and distracting form areas you don’t

Height and weight should not be the focus.

Knowing your BS helps you to understand what trends /clothing/fabrics to choose and what to avoid.

A simple way to identify your body shape is to measure it.

Let’s do some calculation
SHOULDERS –from the tip of one shoulder
BUST-across the fullest part of your bust
WAIST – the smallest part of your natural waist
HIPS – below the hip bone

Base on your measurements, you will be able to identify your body shape. Don’t worry if you cannot find the exact description of your shape, chose the one with is the closest one. Sometimes you might be a mix of 2 body shapes.

How does it help with my daily dressing up?

Simply follow the advice given for your body shape. Follow me for some more details on that, I will be sharing some more insides shortly.

There are specific designs, lengths, fabrics with a dose not work for your body shape. IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT SIZE you have.

Let me know if you have any questions. More than happy to help! 

Kind Regards 

Justyna Vop 

2 Replies to “The Most common mistake women make when dressing up”

    1. Hi Margaret! Thank you for your question. The good news is that there are so many possibilities to dress that body type, you can take more risk and experiment.
      The main rule is; wear details and brightest colour on the areas you would like to enhance.

      What to wear?
      Scope neck to create curves on top of your body
      Top with details to flatter the chest
      3/4 sleeves are ideal for softening the look

      3 must-do tricks:
      1. Layering is ideal ex long jacket over a short skirt
      2. Details at the side of garments to create curves
      3. Colourful printed dresses or trousers are perfect for your body shape.

      Hope that helps, please let me know if you have any questions.

      Kind Regards,

      Justyna Vop

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