Closet review

Why do I need this service?

Have nothing to wear even though your closet is full of clothes?

With the right clothes selection and a bit of planning, you can save your time and money by using this service.

By the end of the process, you will know what works for you best, what designs and colours you should avoid.

You will get a better understanding of building outfits and looks that match your lifestyle.  That way, you will maximize your closet efficiency, save time and money.


  • No more struggles with:” my closet is full, but I have nothing to wear”!
  •  No more dilemma about your own style
  • Learn how to be trendy and stylish all year long.
  • No more time wasted when dressing up.

Do it now! 

How dose it work?

your needs

Setting you
up for success


Getting to know you and your needs.

The closet analyses will take place in your home. Well done! Starting a styling service from the closet review is the best decision as it is the most effective and economical.
The crucial part of the success is merely planning. You will be surprised how many items from your closet will become your new favourite once you know how to match them with other things.

The wardrobe edits start with a consultation. What is extremely important for me is to understand your lifestyle, your expectation from that service and most importantly, your personality. All of that shape the person you are daily, and it’s defines your style.

Getting Real

I will undertake a brief colour analysis to show you the best colour that complements your beauty and make you look young and fresh. To help you with your next shopping adventure, I will have a personalized colour wallet for you. Struggling with choosing the right colour will be over!

How many times did you try an outfit because it looks fantastic on your friend, but it does not feel the same way on you?
How is that possible if both of you have the same size?
The answer is: size does not matter! Your body type and proportions do.

Next in line is your body type analyses. Knowing your body type is a game-changer! No more struggle with designs that do not fit you.

Let's try it on

I review every single item in your closet and categories it as keepers, ditchers, need fixing or charity. That allows me to analyze your wardrobe, establish what is missing to add it to the shopping list. You learn how to pull together a vast array of outfits, complete with accessories for every occasion. All outfits combinations are photographed and emailed to you with styled notes so you can use them dressing up every day.​


Price: 180 euro ( travel expenses included over 30km+ from Dublin ) Service estimate time: 3-4 hours depending on the amount of clothes. The service is often followed up with the personal Shopping service- only on your request, please see description and pricing here. 8