Your style – your business!

We all have problems with business style because mostly there is a misunderstanding that a black or blue suit is what you wear to business meetings, at work or meeting clients. Actually it is anything else! This was once the ‘way it was’, but, thankfully our culture/ society has developed in such a way that our business style can be our own style. This could be culturally related or it could be sub culturally inspired.

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Business Events – own your style!

Will you be speaking at a seminar or an event soon? Will you be attending and need to make a good impression?

Having a styling faus pas at a business event is a big no no… Everyone knows this! 

We also know that if your speaking at an event, everyone is look at everything you’re wearing. From your shoes to your hair! It can be daunting, but feeling confident in your style and looking great is half way there to delivering a great seminar.

Flaunt the Pencil skirt!

If pencil skirts are your thing and you look great in them, than you can really standout with a flattering print and a fitted blouse that says a little something about your personality. In this image the client is sporting a printed kitten to show how much she loves her cat – and brings this to her business life. Great conversation starter!!!

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chic corporate

Wearing all one colour works! Pick the right colour for you than select the style of dress that flatters your body shape.

Business Image consultant!

You don’t have to have lots of money to spend on beautiful clothes to look great!

A loose blouse with a soft design with matching colour slacks and shoes can be selected from several department store shops and great prices!

The key is knowing where to get these affordable gems …  🙂

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