7 steps to Buying Online like a PRO

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7 Steps to Buying Online like a PRO

Nowadays, more then ever we shop online. What's your strategy when buying virtually?

Why shop online?

  Online shopping has its benefits! No more wait in line, it saves your time and energy… and it helps you to save you money (if you do it right). As much as it is a hassle-free experience with no queues and travelling, to make it successful and for the best outcome you need a plan.

OK… so where to start?

OK… so where to start?   The list of sites is endless... Starting from well-known clothing stores like Zara or ASOS, through general selling sites like  Amazon or eBay.

Based on my experience as a stylist and consumer, here are a few things important to remember.

One of the most effective ways to quickly find sites that are selling the product you want is to simply search for the product using a search engine like Google or Yahoo. You can use it as a starting point for comparing prices. Please see below links to my fav shops!   All right, now, when you know already where you want to buy your product, let's talk about HOW to do it most efficiently!  

Some cool tips you should know


Know Your body type and colour analyses 

Every PRO shopper does their homework on that.   This is always my favourite topic and that is something I will never stop reminding you about. There is no real styling without understanding your body type and knowing colours with suites you best. Those are key elements of a perfect styling. Before you decide to shop do quick online research on your body type and colours.  After you do your colour analyses, no more struggles and money wasted on colours with dose not suite you. Not sure how to do it? Contact me for a complimentary styling consultation to find out more.


Know Your body measurement- NOT THE SIZE!

By now, we all know that size varies depending on the brand. As with online shopping, you don’t have that luxury to try on and check the size, it is super important to analyse size chart before you buy!. This will help you to determine what you should actually be ordering. If you order on websites with multiple brands like ASOS or ZALANDO make sure you take a glance at the size chart on the designer's website. Another thing you might want to look at is the size the model is wearing. It will give you an idea about the length of the item you about to buy.


Check the return policy

There is a constant temptation to add "just one more " item to your basket. It all looks so perfect on that picture, doesn't it? The risk of buying online is that you feel less guilty about spending money. The excuse I hear a lot is; " I can always return it " will you actually do that? Before you buy, make sure you have checked the delivery and return policy. I strongly advise buying only if the seller offers a free return. Do not buy large items. Buy tops, underwear, accessories. Generally, it takes more hassle to return a large item ( for example Coat or shoes). Bulky packages are likely to get left until it's too late to get your money back.


Check the label

 Wow! It's a bargain! This dress loos to good to be the truth? Hmm…think twice before you buy it! Most of those scenarios mean: 'you buying low quality'. Good quality clothing is not only about how you feel, it's about how your image is perceived. Many times, a low-quality material is recognized by the glance. By all means, your image will be badly affected and the last thing you want is to risk people thinking you wear cheap clothes. Last but not least, it's all about comfort, this is where everything starts, your confidence boost, positive energy and readiness to achieve what you planned for the day.  


Narrow down your search 

You could lose days in the bottomless online shopping, hence narrowing down your search is always useful. With my experience, it only a matter of getting used to, it doesn't take much time and those days most of the good online stores have filter option adapted to be user friendly.


Take your time 

Set a time you want to spend on online shopping. As long as it is way more effective then physical shopping you need to give yourself a time to make that decision, otherwise, you end up buying something you do not need or like. Ask yourself this 3 simple question: 1. Is it something you REALLY need?  2. Can you wear it with OTHER clothes in your closet?  WHEN will you wear it? ( tomorrow? Next month?.. 3 years?...)


Try it on! 

This is the most exciting part… but do not get too excited, don’t cut off the tag until you are 101% sure you love it. Pull out all the possible combinations you are envisioning you will wear with your new item. Make sure you can put the outfits quickly and smoothly.    

Last but not least…ENJOY! YOU DESERVE IT!

…And remember, You are beautiful!
Warm Regards
Justyna Vop

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